Hi, i want a new guitar and i can only just afford the Jackson dk2s. Ive been told alder is a bright wood but on some website, its in the middle of the scale from warm to bright. I've only every had one guitar before and it is mahogany, so I'm under the impression i can not get a warm tone from alder. Is this true? can it get a similar tone? also the Jackson has a flame maple veneer (thin piece of wood), so i assume this wont alter the sound of the alder will it? overall what do you think of this guitar? thanks. If you know of any good guitars of the same price you think would suit me please let me know
Well it is definitely quite bright. It is the wood that most strats are now made with.

That said, just because it tends to have a bright quality, it doesn't mean you can't get a warm sound with it. It's not all that difficult to get a warm sound out of a strat guitar, so it certainly won't be difficult to do it with a guitar that has humbuckers.

Keep in mind that your tone is a combination of many things. From the wood the guitar is made with, to the pickups, to your amp.
Alder is middle of the road, end of story. Maple is bright, not alder sorry. Check Warmoth.com wood descriptions and you'll see where it belongs
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in one response i got it was bright and in the other it was in the middle. can anyone else add anything?
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i find it to be quite bright, but really its the amp that makes it bright or dark, the wood just leans it a little either way. but not by much


I own Jackson KVX10, which is also made of Alder, and it has bright undertones, but it really depends on the amp for the most, much like the guy above me said.

I plugged mine into a Crate, and even though there was a bright undertone, it still sounded warm, believe it or not
90% of your tone comes from your amp
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