Hey there I'm pretty new to guitar. I'm the on again off again type. Basically I havent felt like ive made any progress obviously because i dont play much and i stop sometimes but I learn better when I have more of a guideline as to what I should be working on and what comes next in practice.

If any of you could help compose me a list of things I should learn in order that would be great or even some songs that I should my work my way through.

Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
green day - brain stew
green day - longview
the offspring - pretty fly
system of a down - sugar
system of a down - roulette
system of a down - toxicity (anything off the toxicity album really)
drowning pool - bodies
rage against the machine - killing in the name of (all but solo)
blink 182 - whats my age again?
sum 41 - fat lip
tool - schism
incubus - aqueous transmission
red hot chili peppers - californication
incubus - drive

that should give you a good start
remember, it takes time and a lot of practice. practice the riffs, then play along with the songs. just keep at it, keep doing it and you'll get better.
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start with like easy song like green day and work your way up to harder bands like queen
There will be some variables, but I'll start with the basics that helped me.

Find some simple songs that you like, with maybe 3 chords. Most AC/DC songs work for that purpose. It's important to correlate the development of your technique to something worthwhile and enjoyable, or else you might as well be staring at a bunch of binary code on a computer screen.

Learn power chords for A, C, D, E, & G. Then learn the acoustic styled version of those same chords.

Practice strumming rhythm. Having a metronome or drum loop playing is VERY helpful. You'll be surprised how sloppy your rhythm will get as you learn. People have a tendency to play difficult stuff slowly and easier stuff faster, and are usually oblivious to how disjointed it sounds until they try to play with a beat.

Learn what notes correspond to the dots on the low E and A strings. EX: on the low E - 3rd dot = G, 5th= A, 7th = B. A string - 3rd dot = C, 5th = D, 7th = E.

By learning these fret positions and the notes they correspond to, then you'll be able to use them as the root notes when you start learning scales.

Scales: Start with the minor pentatonic, with the root at the A (low E string, 5th fret). Then learn the same repeating pattern with the root at the 12th fret (E), and you can now do E minor pentatonic scale work. Take a look throught the lessons on UG's lessons link.

Don't hesitate to play something until you are thoroughly sick of it and could play it while carrying on a conversation. All the good live musicians can play their songs, adjust their pedals, signal to road crew, and down a half fifth of whiskey because they've played the material so much it's become as second nature as wiping their a$$.

Good luck!