So we are having a tshirt design contest/thing due this friday. I need help comming up with a idea for the shirt. Our colors are black and crimson and our mascot is a hawk.
i graduated last year...the class of 2008. so i made a shirt that said "Class of .08 you can outthink us but you cant outdrink us"
Dude, no matter what you come up with, nothing will be more gay than my 08' graduation jacket. The designer is a girl, who is very artistic and creative by the way, but she comes up with the stupidest idea of a freakin' spiderman design. Our school color is blue, yet the whole jacket is red with stupid spiderwebs all over it. Everyone thinks it's the shit, but it's freakin' dumb.
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You know the generic Led Zep World Tour shirts that everyone has nowadays?

Mimic that. Red on black, with "Senior Class of 2009" thrown in there.
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I graduated last year and me and my friends got together and when we lined up together it made a picture of a jeep
Class of 09!
Then put the pear on the back


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How about something like;

"Its ****ing highschool. Who gives a ****."


"I'll never see any of these losers ever again once this is over. "
09: 08 was better than us.

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