Anyone have any experience with Monster cables. My cable just crapped out and I was thinking about buying one of these.
Obviously Fassa.
I know that the HD TV cables are way overpriced and are not worth it., So I figure the instrument cables will be to.

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I know that the HD TV cables are way overpriced and are not worth it., So I figure the instrument cables will be to.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Monster cables are definitely worth it based on the fact that they have a lifetime replacement policy - if anything ever happens and the cable stops working then it will be replaced for free.

Not to mention Monster cables give you a nice, clear tone!
I've heard that they're overpriced for the quality of cable you get, but I think they do come with a lifetime warranty.

I play planet waves cables.
I own both livewire and monster cables and can't say ones better than the others. They both have lifetime warranties and both seem pretty sturdy. Livewires are cheaper so....
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YES THESE ARE THE BEST!!!!!!! Buy monster and only monster cause if a cable burns out (only happened to me once so far and ive used them for about three years) you can take it back and get a brand new one for free. They sound amazing......end of story
Basically as long as your using a good quality cable of a heavy gauge the sound quality won't be too drastic of an increase.

Good brands include George L's, Planet Waves, Proco Lifelines, and of course monster cables are good because they also have the lifetime warranty. hope this helps
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the Monster S-100 series I feel is a great bang for your buck cable. You get get like a 30 or 40 foot length for like 30 or 35 bucks, tone is nice and clear, no noise, no hum. Sure, I bet some of their higher end models might sound "better" or stuff from places like Mogami, Planets Waves, George L's, Pete Cornish, DiMarzio, etc etc etc, but the S-100 is pretty cheap and sounds really good.
i heard they're a rip off...they had a scientest test the Monster HDMI cables with the cheapest cable they could find and the Monster didn't produce anything more than what the cheap cable did. They were identical in results, but maybe the Instrument Cables are different? I play Planet Waves and they seem pretty good to me.