I wish to start recording myself as I practice, and I am wondering which way is better:

- Microphone plugged to PC and record all into computer
- Record into external device

I don't know enough to know what device to get if not a microphone. If a mic is the best way to go, I can't spend more than about $50 (not looking for studio quality or anything). Appreciate any advice, thanks.

Sounds like your best bet would be a Line 6 Toneport GX.
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if you don't care abot quality, just get a shoebox recorder. they're like ten bucks.
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Thanks blue strat, good links! Going through that UG thread now.

But just to be clear, I'd like to record myself playing guitar and playing and singing, and be able to play it back instantly so I can critique myself, etc. and make wav/mp3 files I can save to monitor my progress. I'm guessing, hooking up a mic like these: http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/microphones/dynamic-microphones to the comp and recording into Audacity, would do the job?

Or is a device like that Line 6 more ideal for my situation?