well, still undone, but I like the way it sounds.. although I'm not sure what genre this is..
only thing is that I can't create a decent drum beat, and it's seriously killing me..
(so if you wanna help me out, feel free )
I'm kinda in a block, but I do have a small Idea as what to do when I create the last bit of the chorus.

c4c, peace
Silent Screach.zip
I can't open the gp5 file, but i listened to the mp3, its got an awsome peice of music, sounds like kalmah at parts, great stuff
Theres a drum/bass/and guitar 1, is there any other guitars in it?
and can you give me any tips on composing on guitar pro like you ?
lol there's 2 guitars, 1 bass, bells, an organ and I didn't do anything for drums sadly. I just suck at drums, period. but I'm not all that great at composing really, this is just my 5th or 6th song lol, but I'd help you out if you want.