Poll: what is the best color for a strat?
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View poll results: what is the best color for a strat?
3-tone sunburst
82 28%
48 16%
candy cola
12 4%
olympic white
72 24%
blizzard pearl
9 3%
charcoal frost metallic
7 2%
sienna burst
8 3%
anything with relic
5 2%
clear varnish
8 3%
46 15%
Voters: 297.
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i'm curious, what do you guys think the best color for a strat is? also, do you like maple or rosewoad fretboards?
brown sunburst with maple fretboard (my strats color)
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I love the lighter woods and maple fretboards, darker fretboards have not excited me lately.
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*is going to get that exact guitar some day*
well, maybe with a floyd instead of the wilkinson
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I like the black and white.
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off white body
gold pickgaurd
rosewood neck
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Koa, natural finish

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Red. Take that blue_strat!

I'd say it depends on the fingerboard. Black looks better with maple than rosewood, imo.
Where in the name of bloody fuck is cherry red?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!
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Well, since i'm thinking about a strat, i'll contribute my opinions.
Either Chrome red, electron blue, or arctic white...with a maple fretboard
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olympic white, maple fretboard, with a pearl pickguard

surf green, black pups/hardware, maple neck

i imagine it would be purty
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+1 to both of you. gotta love olympic white with maple neck. for some reason, i hate rosewoad fretboards.
Cream with chiped paint along the top FTW!


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brown sunburst with maple fretboard (my strats color)

That's my dream guitar
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My cousin's exact guitar. Very nice.
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Koa, natural finish

Holy Jesus Christ, I generally don'y like strats but that is fucking beautiful.

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*black strat*

This man knows his stuff. you can never go wrong with a black or darker coloured guitar. Preferably black though.
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