hey guyz
i`m gonna install D-sonic pickup "bridge" on my OLP john petrucci guitar
and i dunno wich "neck" pickup to install
i wanna get the sound of musicman BFR ....so wich pickup u think i should install?
some said "paf pro , evolution , air norton , breed....etc"
so wat do YOU think ?

and guyz , i haven`t buy pickups before , so should i get F-space or regular ones on my guitar?

I reccomend a PAF Joe. It is a very diverse pickup, and it will help you get that petrucci tone.

As for f-spaced and normal, normal is for Gibson, and F-spaced is for fender/ibanez. I am not sure where Musicman/olp stands on this, but I am fairly sure they are normal.

Really, the spacing is just so the poles align with the strings. Putting a normal humbucker in a fender guitar is just like putting a slightly larger pickup in the slot. It should not noticibly effect sound quality, but it may have rouble fitting.
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you really wont go wrong with the Air Nortion, Breed or PAF Pro. All are great in their own way.
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