Ok guys.. i've been playing guitar for around 5 years now, and ya know it's got to that time where i need to buy some better gear

Basically i love my versatility in my instrument :P my current guitar is an Ibanez GSA60, it's cheap but it is a dirty guitar :P the pickups are pretty varied and the range of sounds i can make with it are awesome, however... it's falling apart

I am also just about to buy a Marshall JVM410 amplifier, and that's what i'll be running this guitar through, so bare that in mind..

My main influences in guitar sound are: sonic youth, dinosaur JR, smashing pumpkins, pearl jam, Jimi hendrix, Nine inch nails, radiohead, tool, soundgarden etc.

I wanna try for a decent fender stratocaster/jazzmaster, coz i'd love to whack one through a fuzz pedal and just you know "turn all the knobs up". I'm very much into making crazy sounds and just rocking out, especially through a marshall.

On the other hand i currently play an Ibanez, it is a H-S-S setup though, which differs from the modern trend of Ibanez guitars which are normally H-S-H. I haven't had too much experience from them.. but i do love my guitar :P and i am tempted by the tight punchy metal sound that i can get from an Ibanez, perhaps if i can pick up a decent guitar from the SA series and get the H-S-S setup with some dimarzio's i could retain the versatility, whereas fender strats may aswell only have one pickup IMO.

then the black sheep is just a gibson les paul, the tone from an 81, 85 badboy does just kick arse, and i'm tempted to pidgeonhole myself into playing solely rock just so i can get it :P

any help/input would be appreciated.. i'm mostly looking for something unique, slightly crazy and original sounding, with a bit of soul!
man you sound like your looking for the perfect guitar to define you, i would recommend hitting up a guitar shop, telling the boys there what you told us, and just try out a bunch of guitars and a bunch of variety, this is probably a more effective way of getting the guitar your looking for
Ah yea thanks alot for the input :P that's what i plan to do, but the more input/names i can get the better
by you logic your ibanez should only have two pickups then and a les paul should only have one pickup too . but anyway to stay on topic, i would personally get something around the s series from ibanez if thats who you feel comfortable with, like the s320 or if you want something like hsh you could get S470DXQM
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Super 60 SP with a P90 in the bridge?

or an Esprit 3?
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you sure seem to like those fretkings, mark. i haven't been able to try them, there's like one dealer in the whole of ireland, and it's right smack in the very south-west (i.e. as far from me as it's possibly to be in ireland)...

some japanese fenders might be worth a look too, i think they do jaguars/jazzmasters and the like.
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