I can't seem to capture the sound I want at all out of my Metal Muff. My set up is

Epi LP Custom>Metal Muff>Line 6 Spider III 15w (its on preset bypass mode)
If I put it on the clean channel and then the metal muff the distortion comes out really phasey sounding. But the sound of the Insane channel sounds a whole lot better than my Muff, something the completely contradicts what UG has been telling me (lol).

The sound from my muff is too tinny, it doesn't have any balls, and fuzzes a lot. I'm not sure If it's the settings I have dialed in but I don't have any clue about why my distortion won't sound right at all. I can honestly say that no-one would like the sounds that is coming out of the Muff. Does anyone know any tricks, or eq settings I could try just to try and capture the right sound? I feel like I should just throw out the pedal, as I can bravely say that cheapy solid state presets are sounding better.
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some amps hate pedals.

and imo, the MM doesnt sound natural thru a lot of practice amps.

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um... pedal + modeling amp = crap... sorry.

You're not gonna get good sounds out of putting pedals w/ that Spider. Only pedal that sounded good for mine was my BM... but it sounded EXACTLY like the insane channel... so it was basically pointless.

Instead of making a new thread, I'll ask here. I suppose I'm now in the market for a new amp. I was thinking of a half stack with 212, just to make myself a bit more flexible. I was leaning towards a tiny terror, a cab I will get later on. Can anyone recommend another tube head around or cheaper than the price of a tiny terror for metal?
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I've never been caught (beating off), but my dad was picking up my gf once and "accidentaly" grabbed her boobs.
I got a good sound out of my Digitech metal master through my line 6 spider III 15 watt,
It took friggin' forever to get the right tone though.

Try putting the amp settings to clean, screwing around with the EQ a bit and then put the
pedal through it and I find that maxing the high, low, and morph (or tone) got me a good tone.
TS - if you like the insane channel on the spider - that is all that matters. If you grow out of it later and move on to your own insane tone and an amp that would love a pedal like that (as jj was saying) then you will see why Electro-Harmonix has sold so many of them.

otherwise - keep rockin'

now - what are you saying about a 2x12