My friend decided that when winter rolls around hes going to take me snowboarding so i can try to learn. And i have a few questions.

1.What should i expect my first time out?
2.Typically how much does renting things cost?
3.About how much should my first snowboard and other stuff cost?
4. How long did it take you to get the hang of it and actually make it down a slope without falling?

I'm really excited but i'm not really sure what to expect.
Well considering i have never set foot on a snowboard it's so far taken me about 14 years to learn to snowboard.


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Expect to fall, a lot.
Watch out for trees, those hurt, a lot.
Renting, depending on where you go, can cost a lot.
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I teach snowboard lessons for DHHC (ski area where i live) And its sooooo much fun

1. Falling and Cold
2. expect 50 bucks prolly will be less thats a lesson and rentals here
3. varies a lot , just like guitar
4. Ive had people that have made it down without falling in 30 mins, but also people who have taken 3-4 lessons and cant make it to the top of the hill (the lessons start at the bunny slope then once there a little better we go up)

any questions just askk!!
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As long as you're not afraid of going too fast, you'll catch on within three or four trips. Going too slow will actually make things harder, believe it or not. And a decent setup (board, bindings, boots) will run you $300-350.
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snowboarding has a learning curve
luckily falling on snow doesnt hurt too much
i do a little snowboard but am mostly a skiier, both are awesome
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Just keep trying, at first you'll fall a ton! And I mean a lot man. But just dress warm and don't cry too much Once you get the hang of it, it's soooo much fun.

I go up to the mountains every weekend, and I love it. I tend to go too crazy cause I ski mostly glades and powder bowls and such, and I tend to hit a few trees every year. It's all good though
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expect it to be hard. i ski well, but i suck at boarding ha.
by ski well, i mean i shred that shit maw fuucka.
Stick with it, even if you can't get the hang of it right away. It's very fun.
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I go up to the mountains every weekend,

ehhhhh... you're one of those people from calgary.

anyways, snowboarding your first day will prolly suck. You'll fall alot, and i mean alot, you'll be cold, and you'll be wet. but once you figure it out, it's one of the funnest things you can do. It'll take awhile before you can actually ride, but it's definately worth the effort. Rentals will vary wherever you are.

If you want a new board and bindings (assuming you have boots and everything) you could go anywhere from $300 (used) to $1000 (maybe more) for top-end, brand new stuff.
Thanks, I'm really excited and it seems like something ill stick with. I'm bringing another friend with me so we can both look stupid trying to learn.
1.What should i expect my first time out?
2.Typically how much does renting things cost?
3.About how much should my first snowboard and other stuff cost?
4. How long did it take you to get the hang of it and actually make it down a slope without falling?

1.expect to fall over alot, and for your arse to hurt a bit (depending on conditions obviously)

2.renting isnt that bad, but you will have a rubbish beginner bard, altho that is all you need

3.i dunno about first, i've only ever had one-bout time for a new one now you mention it!

4.maybe 2 or 3 weeks? but then again once your confident you start doing jumps and trying stuff so you fall over anyways
unfortunately for me being a londoner i can only go maybe once or twice a year if im lucky so it was a slow learning process for me
One thing i just remembered to keep in mind is that it can be overwhelming having people rip by you when you're learning. especially on the cat-track. just remember that it's their responsibility to avoid the person infront, not the other way around.
1. Expect to hate snowboarding your first time around, thats what a lot of people do. After going out on the hill a couple times you'll start to enjoy it.
2. It kinda depends on which hill you go to, but it will usually run you about $30-40 for a complete setup.
3. You shouldnt spend too much on your first board, so ask a knowledgable friend about prices. This is somewhat like guitar.
4. Personally, I learnt how to snowboard in about 3 days. I took an hour lesson each day, and practised for the rest. THe more you practise, the narlier you'll shred.
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Your ass is going to be sore as well as your lower back, it's all worth it though, after 3 or 4 times out you'll be riding good, also, I can't emphasis this enough, take a lesson.
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