look and my profile, one of my band members and i recorded White Room this weekend, it has bass and all the guitars, going to add drums and vocals soon.
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sorry man, i actually began to listen, then stopped, but since you critted I'll be fair. Guitar tone is quite bad, back off on that fuzz and try to swing a bit more. Don't try to use the wah on heel down like clapton did (maybe you didnt, it sounds like that though). The bass sounds very thin and almost inaudible. The solo guitar sounded pretty good though. The second solo is pretty off rhythm and not very good. My advice is first use a backing drum track or something to keep rhythm with, and second play the song through with all clean guitars, you'll be suprised at how many mistakes you'll probably notice.
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okay, this was our first recording so we didn't know how to do it exactly, but thanks for the crit.