Wow! its been forever since I was on UG. I probably don't know anyone on here anymore. Anyway, I've got some new songs that I was hoping would be torn apart by the nice folks here at UG. Waves Collide
So thats the link. The songs called "Waves Collide" its just acoustic guitar, some slide work, and vocals; kinda folky.... so listen at your own peril. Crit for Crit and cheers.
really really like it. not what i'd usually listen to but it works
if everything had a point you'd have to be really careful of pointy things

This is great! The recording is of amazing quality and so is the playing and singing! You really have a voice that fits these kind of songs, a dreamy kind of soothing voice that makes the great acoustic rhythm and the slide lead sound even better together! Very nice work..
Only crit I can give, is that you sometimes play off rhythm.. try using a metronome? But the flaws are minimal.. This is great work!! Congratulations..

Care to crit mine please? "La Flor De Mi Vida"