I have a few questions about amps, effects, and pedals.
my first one is, is it a better deal to buy an amp with effects instead of a pedal and an amp?
what is a good amp?
what is a good pedal?
Does no one read the stickies?

Budget? Genre? Gigging? Location?

Without know I'd say A/B/C a Trainwreck and Dumble OTS in Stereo, with a Splawn quickrod and nitro in stereo, with a vintage bassman and vibrolux in stereo.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Pedals and amps are usually better, unless it's reverb or tremolo. There are a million good amps and pedals.
New or used?
a good amp just depends on your ears really.
take UG's advice because most of the time we are right about things.
Amps come in to types....well actually many more than that but mainly two.
Solid state and a tube amp. i cant spend all night explaining the difference but i will say this, Solid state amps are great for beginners and are most of the time cheaper but when you get your ear trained and have been playing a while (as in a few years usually maybe more) you will find that most SS (solid state) amps sound lifeless and tube amps give a sound that just has more oomf to it and sounds better (ninety percent of the world agrees).

onto another subject.
Pedals, a good pedal usually only does one specific thing whether it be phaser , flanger or distortion and so on and so on but there are pedals that have a billion things built into one called multieffects pedals/processors and they usually lack in tone unless your willing to pay out the yin yang for it and still it wont quite get you the sound of buying every single pedal.
A good pedal sounds good (pretty obvious) and you can dial in your own tone to it, for example change the amount of distortion and the sound of it to a certain degree or the range of a wah pedal. JUST EXPERIMENT TO GAIN THE MOST KNOWLEDGE while reading will help tremendously , experimenting will help the most and the best.

Some amps have pedals built into them, this can be good or bad, dont expect them to be great since they are just bells and whistles for the amp but many amps do have decent effects on them , usually reverb or delay of some sort. While having the effects "onboard" can be good , you cant quite dial in the exact tone you want, you can somewhat but you get the idea.

is it a good deal to buy an amp with effects built in.....yes and no. (read above paragraph)
it really depends on how long you have played and your budget and playing style and so on and so on. if youve been playing for only a few days then yes it is good so you can get to know the effects and there purpose and have more fun for less money. If you have played a few years and haven gotten pretty good you might want to look around for them both seperately or research a certain amp (which is what this website is good for).

all in all it just depends on you....