My amp hisses and feedsback when i push any loud or heavy distortion through it. there is also a low hum when i engage my tube screamer and a heavy hum when i engage my Boss DS-1 and usually some feedback. I want to get rid of this. any advice on hot to troubleshoot this or hunches on what may be doing this please let me know.


Here is my setup:

*1979 Ibanez Artist with an old Schaller Humbucker in the Bridge and a Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59 in the neck.
*Fender Hot Rod Deville 4x10 (nearly new)
*furman SPB-8 Pedal Board with this order of pedals

(from guitar) Fender tuner, Bad Horsie 2 wah Pedal, Boss DS-1 Distortion Pedal, Ibanez TS9 tube Screamer, Line 6 roto machine, Boss DD-2 Digital Delay (old), Danelectro Fab Chorus (to Amp)
How loud, we need some settings? The DS1 is a noisy little bugger to bugger to begin with and I don't think a TS9 is all that quiet either.

So, setting for everything and we'll see what we can do.
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Have you tried running your guitar straight into your amp? This would reveal if a pedal was causing the noise. From my experience the Fender HR Deville isn't noisy with some gain.


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I suppose I should provide more info. the TS9 alone isn't that bad (though I still want to get rid of that low hiss) but I use it just for crunch. I wanted to kick into some harsher distortion so I got the DS-1 but it doesn't do the job at all, it is really hissy and prone to feedback. Likewise when I couple the Overdrive Pedal from the HotRod with the TS9 is also hisses. So I guess the major problem is HOW CAN I GET SOME HARSHER DISTORTION WITHOUT MUCH HISS and REMOVE THE HISS FROM MY TS9.

The drive, tone, and level I keep all about in the middle so nothing too extreme
noise gate?

seems like you've got a lot disti/od pedals going there. I guess I just don't see the HRD being an amp that is going to want to do HARSHER DISTORTION. What volume are you at btw?

is it possible it is something else like guitar shielding or interference?
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I suppose I should provide more info:




yep...and i wasn't referring to your post I responded quickly.

TS - ?

i do know people stack OD pedals but it seems like a lot to ask of an amp. Or tone. I hear changing the batteries even tho you are AC power sometimes helps too bumpy.
ISP Decimator or Decimator G String according to your needs. My Hot Rod DeVille has the same problem with the DS-1, but luckily I'm upgrading to a Bogner Fish and VHT 2502.
So I guess the consensus is is to get a noise gate. thanks guys I appreciate the help!!