Am i right in thinking that these amps don't have delay or reverb?

if thats the case i am not sure i want one. I notice there is a slapback effect but thats not exactly delay is it? whats the delay time on the slapback? not very long i bet.
I don't know, check the user manual online or something.
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Quote by Kevin Saale
I don't know, check the user manual online or something.

I have done......seems there is no delay or reverb

Edit: it appears they do have delay and reverb though they are seperate from the effects models. also it doesn't look like the delays and reverb have as many paramters to change as the other effects. i may be wrong though.

one thing is for certain, i am starting to realise how complicated and crowded the layout of the vypyrs are
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i've had personal experience with the Vypyr 75.

YES it is complicated, and yes it does have delay and reverb. lol

You can adjust the delay and reverb to taste.

like I said, it can be confusing. But if you mess around with the amp for a bit everything comes to you and you know how everything works.

hope i could help
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