Hi, I've just got a new Fender Twin Reverb Reissue '65. It comes with a pedalfootswitch to activate or disactivate vibrato and reverb. My amp was on standby and I plugged it. It was ok but after I wanted to disconnect the footswitch so I turned the amp on standby. When I put the footswitch cable out it made a strange noise and I'm wondering if I just broke something or if it's ok. Also when I turn it on I put it on standy before to let it warm up but when I turn it on there's a kind of sound like a sort of "bump" (hard to imitate...). Is it normal?

Sometimes you'll get a bump or a snap sound or something I mean as long as when it's on everything sounds good and works and there's no humming then you're good but in the future make sure you yank cables and stuff when its all turned off.
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You really should turn the amp off before disconnecting ANY cables. but I highly doubt it did any real damage. Try turning all off the knobs (including on your guitar) to zero before turning it on. if that doesn't help with the "bump" it may just be the caps discharging. Some amps do this. Or it could be a speaker problem.
Ok thanks. But because I just got it I tryed the differente channel and compare but I unplugged the cable of the instrument when it was on but there was no sound... Should I stop doing this? If I just put it on standy can I do it?
In fact I just returned it to the store... The reverb was not working. In the store the guy turned it on and there was the bump but for him it seemed normal because he didn't say anything about it.