I've decided on a Tiny Terror as my next amp, but am a bit wary about the clean sounds and low end. Someone either reassure me that the cleans are fine, or suggest a 1 speaker cabinet that will clean it out and add a bit of low end. I'll still want a good smooth overdrive, but I imagine with a clean cabinet and Tiny Terror, I should get just that.
Um, how loud are you gonna have it? TTs don't stay clean for long. I'm also pretty sure that the cab isn't gonna play a huge role in the clean sound. If you want low end you can't go wrong with a recto cab.
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A cab isn't going to make the amp sound cleaner, the clean tones are all in the amp.

Being a 15W amp, I kinda doubt that it'll have a good clean tone unless you're playing low volumes, with a band, forget about it. If you need cleans good cleans, you want something higher wattage.
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Well I'm still open to amp ideas, but I want it to be a tube and no more than 40 watts. As I said, I want a good clean sound, but able to take an OD pedal well. I have a Boss OD-2 right now, probably will be getting an Ibanez TS808 around the time I get the amp. I'll be buying used, price range $600 tops.
What kind of music are you playing? For just cleans I'd say get a blues deluxe, awesome cleans, just shy of a deluxe reverb.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
I play alternative rock basically. A balanced mix of cleans and overdrives.
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