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I need advice before my new purchase. I decided on the highway 1 tele and then picked up the strat and was blown away by how comfortable it was. I don't play any high gain stuff, more gritty fuzz to warm jazzy tones through a marshall avt50. Will the strat have enough grit/balls? Or could I get away with a new pedal or p/ups on the strat?
From all over the place I've saw stuff about how these pickups were slick on distortion, now there'S something you have to check, if they are hot enough tu push through the disto or if on the contrary they're so crystal-clear (low output) that they don't get dirty much more than glass on steroïds. I will not say that they are hotter or not since I don't know enough to be sure, but that's a starting point.

If you decide on a pickup swap you should stay away from too hot pickups and too low output ones, since the first will be too much rounded/warm and the latter will be too clear, the lower output pickups are really shining on a saturated tube amp, you crank only the clean & play with dynamics & your guitar's volume knob to get softer tones, but that's more like 70's rock N roll than jazz.
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I think a Strat is more suited to what you've said about your playing style. I don't know much about the Highway 1's but from what I've heard they are a good buy, although I don't understand why you wouldn't just save up more cash and buy an authentic American Strat or Tele. It really is a personal preference, and what I can determine, you seem mentally set to getting the Strat - you just don't know it yet.

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Whoa. Cheers for the quick reply, what time is it in Canada? The highway 1's are pretty damn good. The p/ups are hot and I dig the finish. I'm in Aus so the american standards are another $5-600! I was set on the tele cause I love it's bite, but this was the first strat I've played and now I wish every guitar had the contour body. I'm just not a huge fan of the bell-like cleans. If anyone owns a strat, can they get dirty like a tele?