I am about to buy a Martin 000X1 in a few days and I was wondering about acoustic pickups. I have looked at some on the internet and I want one that comes with an input jack. I dont really have any preference right now but I need it to be $200 or less.

Also a question about the 000X1: When I was playing it at guitar center the other day, I found out that there is no strap button at the bottom of the guitar. Do you have to buy one or will it come with it when I purchase it? Also if you do get one of the acoustic pickups with the jacks can you use that for the strap button?
Well i have a Fishamn Neo-D single coil... I got it for free when i bought my guitar but i think they sell for around 80 or 90 bucks... Sounds very nice!
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k&k pure western mini full review in electronics for acoustic sticky best 100 dollar ubt on the market