I got this book and I really like it. It's got so much information. It's not just a guitar instruction or theory book. And covers both electric and acoustic guitar. It's got tips on maintenance, how to set up your guitar, how the guitar is constructed how they are wired (circuitry), basic repair, how to set up for recording or playing live on stage.
It also has a large section on theory and instruction with a chord dictionary at the back.

It covers so much that there are few little bits that could use deeper explanation. And I've noticed a few minor mistakes in the chord dictionary with enharmonic spellings. Like calling the fifth in Bdim an E instead of Fb, and the third in C# is noted as F instead of E#. But as long as you're aware of this the rest of the book is packed with info. There's useful stuff there for beginner through to advanced guitarists.

When you get sick or reading theory you can learn stuff about some guitar greats or you can learn about the history of the guitar or whatever.

I would recommend this book.