Not bad...i really liked the guitar work and the way the guitar was recorded. it had a nice tone, but i think you could improve on your vocals, mostly the way it was recorded not your actual singing if you know what i mean
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I hear what Quantum is saying about the way the vocals were recorded... I'm not a big fan of using compression on vocals... but that might help a little, because sometimes you go from whispered in one syllable to louder in the next.. and thats not all that pretty. that aside... its a pretty straightforward song.. I might change things up a little, as it does get a little monotonous after a bit. so maybe add a bridge or... change up the chord progression ever so slightly for the chorus... .Right now the song is mainly just verse and a little bit of chorus. Fiddle around with it I guess.. definitely worth it. anyways cheers.. and check out mine if you wouldn't mind