Going outside and coming back to see my friend playing my new stratocaster with a 50cent coin currency, making Mario noises and experimenting with my effects by pressing the metal, (i'm not sure exactly what their actually made of) coin against the pickup magnets making a kind of clicking electric noise?

Im trying to tell if theres any pickup damage but to be honest i havent played long enough to tell.. Should i expect any damage?
I dont really understand how pickups work... pain in the ass. Put me out of my misery, are my pickups going to be fine?

Sorry i know its not really a useful question but im worried.
well Brian May played with a coin and that worked just fine...i don't think that there should be a problem
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You won't damage it that way. A lot of guitarists use coins and metal picks for different sounds and whatnot.
There wont be any damage at all
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