Dude. I love a lot of Crate amps but this one does not look like something i would consider. Especially with bass it seems the amp has a great deal to do with tone and that amp isn't going to offer much.

GC and MF carry a new version of Acoustic Bass Amps, a ledgendary old school amp in a new iteration, supposed to be very reliable and loud for their wattage.

You can get an Acoustic twenty watt one for something like 104 on the scratch and dent or 119 new. This has built in compression and a decent usable eq section, etc.
It would be adequate but not ideal.

My son found a Vox T-15 new old stock, brand new fifteen watt item and I bought it for less than a hundred for him, he has a big SWR Workingman's 15 as well. The Vox is unreal and nice w eight inch speaker.

I bought a small portable practice bass amp for myself after looking around a lot: I got a new design, new release Marshall MB30, thirty watts, two channel, clean and overdrive, manual off on compression with compression level knob; eq section, three voices in the eq with a voice dial that modulates each of the three voices, 10 inch Celestion speaker, phone jack, effects jack, etc.

Super tone and really nice overall sound producing a wide variety of variations of tone.

I also have a Zoom B2.1u usb multipedal that allows unbelievable tone variations when plugged between the bass and the Marshall.

The Marshal cost me 167. Relatively rare because they are brand new design just hitting stores.

I would go to some good music stores and see what you can talk them down to for a decent practice amp that isn't just a stripped down unit with nothing but volume and eq. Try to get something that has some tone circuits in it, boost, two channels, a tweeter, things like that.

That Fender Rumble 15 would undoubtedly be a very worthy little practice amp built like a tank with a steel speaker grill like the Marshall. Shop and listen and you will find the thing for you. Consider used too but most of them are more than new really nice new technology amps from Marshall, Peavey, Crate, Nemisis, etc.

That little thirty watt Marshall comes in a fifteen watt that is cheaper and also super highly rated.

Let me know what you find.

^you sound like a salesman. and it wouldn't hurt to get yourself an editor.

anywho, I don't think any 20 buck amp is safe. or loud enough. AB50 would be better.
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Warwick Fortress>>Acoustic AB50

I'd buy it as long as it's working, 20 bucks is a steal.

I have a crate practice amp, not that exact one though. The tone is pretty bassy and has some punch.
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^you sound like a salesman. and it wouldn't hurt to get yourself an editor.

anywho, I don't think any 20 buck amp is safe. or loud enough. AB50 would be better.

ya any acoustic will work, acoustic amps are amazing for the price
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