i posted a thread a few months ago similar to this. i have done lots of playing and research and have refined my search down to two guitars by now. its big purchase so i really dont want to make the wrong choice.

i play mostly shred but also play blues and (some) metal. i have a vox amp which does nice cleans and i have a blackstar valve pedal for distortion or overdrive. also, i have short stubby fingers!

heres the guitars

pros: good pickups, split coil function, smaller frets, comfortable body, im a satch fan,
cons: more expensive than the s5470f, edge pro (really a disadvantage?), 22 frets, thicker neck, not a huge fan of the finish

pros: yummy flamed top, thin neck, 24 frets, cheaper, zero point tremolo, overall better look.
cons: sustain issues, uber high output pickups, big frets, not possible to get middle position with both humbuckers,

ive played both but i just cant decide which one will be better seeing that this should be my main guitar for many years to come.
sounds like you should get the s5470f

either that or avoid this problem by not getting either those guitars

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The S has a 5 way switch which is much more tonally versatile, arguably two humbuckers together is one of the least useful tonal options anyway...I can't personally see how anyone would miss it.

Get the S, citing "not able to use both humbuckers together" is really scraping the barrel for a con. There's also not going to be any sustain issues that don't likewise affect the JS as they'll be down to the trem and big frets are, if anything, an advantage if you have smaller fingers.

And pickups can be changed
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i agree with pretty much all of what you said steven seagull

the js has got split coil so its like to single coils or two humbuckers. slightly more versitile. i like the idea of being able to do singlecoil bridge and neck as well. not a huge issue though.

the pros and cons definitely are of different proportions to each other but that was just a list trying to cover most of them to clarify things a bit.

i think the main question is extra frets and thinner neck or smaller frets. its so hard to know which will have proven to be more limiting in five years or so.

the sustain issue is a big mystery... other than that and the large frets i think im all for it.
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i just played both guitars again. i think the wizard prestige neck does not suit me. its really nice and thin but it takes up too much space in my hands cause its wide. the js1200 felt comfortable but not super thin. i preferred the feel of the js.

its a hard choice cause the s5470 is supposed to be the better guitar but i like the neck on the js1200 more.

the previous comments were helpful but i would really like more opinions before dropping the big dollars.
I personally dislike tremolo units as I like to use blues bends and get my vibrato from my technique instead. No matter what type of tremolo you use, string bends cause slight detuning of all other strings and really noticeable detuning if your tremolo is a cheapie. Only hardtails give you the stability in bends.
Moving on.....
ok ive ruled out the s5470. i just feel the neck is too cumbersome. its very thin but its too wide for me and the frets are too long. the js has a thicker neck but to my hands it is a a faster guitar.

there is only one thing keeping me from pulling the trigger for the js1200. i just discovered that some carvins actually seem to be in my price range. what are they like? also how much do you think it would cost to get one in australia. dc127 probably
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