Hey guys, been tryna decide what amp to get as a seond amp for like 5 months now.
closed it down to these 2.

Bugera 333-212: All tube amp, good distortion channel. extremely loud which is perect for me because i want an amp that can play loud for the future when i start gigging.Distortion could sound a little messy for the SOAD and Disturbed tone i am looking for, but im sure with tweaking u could make it sound perfect. $1000

Randall RX120D: Solid state head with cab. Distortion sounded perfect from the moment i put my cord in there. the clean channel wasnt as good as the bugera but that doesnt matter much. This also comes with 16 built in effects which are handy as hell and the bugera doesnt have them. $1000

These two beat all of the amps i tried including the Peavey Valveking (sucked ass).

i want to know what your opinion is and what is more value for money. Thanks.
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Well i have the Randall 120R, i think its the same but without the digi effects. It is a solid, durable and reliable amp, I have bashed mine around heaps with no probs. The clean channel is quite poor, but the distortion channel is quite good, i really like the sound of it anyway. Also sounds really good at low volumes unlike some SS Marshals that ive tried. It packs truckloads of bass which makes palm muting nearly tear my house down.

I dunno jack about the Bugera, seems like a strange pair to choose from, the buggera might b ok, but i reckon u'd def be happy with the randall

Value for money wise i reckon randalls r some of the best amps u can buy, good amp, great price esp the SS ones
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Bugera all the way. Even though it has poor quality, it will sound a LOT better than the randall when you turn it up.
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I was also thinkin of the bugera all valve but, Ive heard that they are not all that reliable. I know Randall are the ones for me and the stuff i play but i do want an all valve Randall but havnt got the dosh =[. so the RANDALL RX120D seems to be sound.so I'm realy not shure
Bugera all the way, I used to own the Randall RX half stack and the Bugera blows it out of the water, plus it's 120watts of tube power. The reliability issues are not as bad as people say they are, IMHO of course. My 333XL can get every tone I need out of it from clean to heavy and everything in between. In the end I think the Bugera would be the way to go.

IMO the Randall RX series is only a small step above the MGs and Spiders.