how to you convert a 1/2 step tuned down tab to standard tuning?
its tabbed in Eb... are there any softwares?
Either play it exactly the same as the tab and accept that you'll be a half step higher than the recording, or play everything a half step down and live without the low Eb notes
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You could just play it in E-Standard. You wouldn't be able to play along to the song though. If you're talking about transposing it, tune to E, then move everything down a half-step (1 fret). If it has any open notes, it's going to be a lot harder to play, due to the fact that you'll have to find another way to play that note.

I suggest getting Guitar Pro. You can download songs and adjust the tuning in the program. However, I've found that it gets the actual notes' pitches off by a little, so tune to the open notes in the program. You can find a demo on the Guitar Pro website.
with guitar pro double click on the tracks where it says its instruments it should come up with its tuning, change the tunings to standard click ok, then it ask transpose the tracks to the tuning click no
just convert your guitar's tuning to Eb, its the easiest way...or you can get guitar pro..im not sure if powertabs lets you convert to 1/2 step down but if you dont have powertab editor, get it cuz its FREE and its a good tool to use to nail solos..although the sounds in MIDI...guitar pro has an RSE (realistic sound engine) that makes real guitar sounds but im not sure about it yet tonight though..
Yeah what they said... play everything a half step (one Fret) down in Standard (EADGBE) or tune the guitar down a half... I like the last choice if there are open strings in the tab...