Hi guys, i'm at work so i can't really spend tooo long looking around different sites so i thought i'd ask here.

I'm interested in getting a toneport to record ideas and stuff.

What's the difference between a Toneport GX, and the Toneport UX1 & UX2?

Also, what's special about the silver and gold bundles?

Can someone help me out because i dont really understand the differences. I know a UX2 has those analogue guage things on the front.. but yeah i just mean what's the difference in terms of the amount of amps & options on the different tone ports?

If i want a fairly wide range of amps and options what would i be best going for?
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The UX1 and 2 have the same amount of amps and effects because they are based on teh software. The only difference is the amount of inputs you get. The GX is smaller and has way fewer amps and effects models.

Personally I would go for the UX1 or 2 over the GX, and then it's down to how many inputs you need to use at once.

The UX2 also powers the mics incase you need your mic powered...