$750 shipped/paypal'd. I'm new here but have references from other forums as well as ebay feedback.

Some quick specs:

• Contoured Mahogany body with antique violin finish
• 25.5 inch scale length
• bolt on maple neck
• rosewood fretboard
• 22 jumbo frets, in excellent condition
• dark chrome hardware (like a dark silver)
• Lo pro double edge bridge with piezo.
• Seymour Duncan parallel axis in the bridge
• Dimarzio Air norton pickup in the neck

As you can see in the picture the guitar has 2 output jacks. This allows you to be able to run the magnetic pickups into an amplifier and the piezo system into an acoustic amp, PA system, etc, without any complicated switching gear. If you only plug into one input, then you can easily toggle between magnetic or piezo pickups using the miniswitch as well.

Comes with original hard case shell (with the key to lock it), whammy bar, locking nut, case candy (instructions, certificates). Frets have zero wear, everything is in incredible condition. There's only a tiny nick at the edge closest to the output jack/tone knob, which you can see in that 1st and 3rd picture. Any other marks you see are just from the reflection/light since the finish is still super glossy. If it wasn't for that little nick it'd be near mint condition.

More pictures here: http://s253.photobucket.com/albums/hh48/Diego526/For%20Sale/

I also have an Ernie Ball Music Man stingray 5 for sale.

Just wondering how long the Piezo battery lasts?
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I've never had to change mine and it still works, so I'm not too sure! I've had the guitar for years, but I haven't used the piezo all that often.