So, I got my new pedal home, fresh from the second hand shop, mint condition and half the price, and I really wasnt expecting what I got.

Out of the box and all dials pointing North, it sounded like someone playing with a tremolo bar, but after some knob twisting, I soon discovered, to my delight, that I had a veriable treasure trove of sounds.

Yes, I'm writing this like a story, sorry.

Anyways, so I was playing around and disovered if you set it right and add some delay, you get this sound like you're playing in a glass bottle underwater...very wierd.

Anyone got any thoughts on this piece of kit or BOSS pedals in general? I'm a big fan of them...
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Enjoy it. While the Boss PH-3 is versatile and different, I hate the sounds it makes, they are way too digital and cold, I prefer warm or overbearing phasers, like the two that I have. But still, enjoy it.
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