as many of you may know Anti-Flag are touring Australia later this year.
They are one my all time favourite bands, and i have wanted to see them for ages.
But i don't have any friends, or at least any know anyone who likes Anti-Flag and would want to go with me.
And my parents won't let me go by myself.
And i'm really really pissed off.
I love white guitars!
Burn the house down, that'll be a good distraction. Then they'll realise that their arsenist son going to a concert isn't so bad after all.

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Ask your dad if he wants to come, try and play it off as some kind of father-son quality time, he shouldn't be allowed to say no. Once you get there immediately decide a place to meet after the show in case you might "accidently" lose each other. Done!
We are "PSYCHONAUT", Psychedelic/Stoner/Sludge from Belgium.

Check out our recordings and shows here:

I might go to the one at Cooly.
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you should call one of the songs, "Respecting Old People" just to mix things up.

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I saw them at Big Day Out in January they were pretty good.

EDIT: I have no idea why i quoted the opening post. My bad.
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Pretend you're going with friends. It's worked for me.
Whoa whoa whoa...Anti Flag are touring Australia this year? Why was I not informed of this? Oh well, to check if they have a show in New Zealand.

YESSSS! Oh wait a second, it's R18. F*cktards. I'm gonna go kill a butterfly now. Unless they allow under 18s in if we're accompanied, in which case I'll just call in a favour with Dad and let him get me in, then ditch.
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Which show?
I'm in Melbourne?

I'll be going to the Sydney show.
Saw them At last BDO and at the Taste of Chaos few years back.
Really good live band.

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