Congratulations UG user, you have made the big time. You are now famous across the globe for your legendary axe skills and of course, you have been approached by all the major guitar/music magazines to appear on their front cover.

So my question is, what would be your pose? Remember you are utterly untouchable, you are the Jimi Hendrix of your generation so there are no rules, although if you do insist on getting your knob out then it will be blurred out. Or in many cases, hidden behind a plectrum.

Strike a pose!
Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known.


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Because I fucking can

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


My love for you
Is like a truck
Barrel roll.

Or, to not use another stupid meme...

...something Herman Li-esque.
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id like to shave my balls, but i always cut myself and when i do my shaver is like om nom nom testicle skin.
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maybe it's because i secrely agree that tracedin inymballsackistheb best album ever

he's got the fire and the fury,
at his command
well you don't have to worry,
if you hold onto jesus' hand
I'd stick with a classic:

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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

I'm losing my grip, 'cos I'm losing my fingers.
I was looking for a picture of Herman Li in a stupid pose for a joke, but came across this:

Now THAT'S badass.