hi all, been playing an epiphone les paul custom for a few years now on 9's but recently swapped to 11's t play in drop tunings (drop C) more easily. having problems setting them up though, as the strings don't play right when they're fretted, plus the 11 string sound like its two strings together.
i was wondering if i would have to change some settings due to changing gauges such as bridge positioning and things but couldn't find any decent advice anywhere else on what to do.
if anyone has any advice or has had a similar situation, please could you help?
thanks a lot
you'll need to adjust the bridge height and the intonation on the bridge. With that kind of jump in string gauge you also might want to adjust the truss rod but i would leave that to a professional. Also to help with the intonation you might want to buy a new nut as the stock one is pretty bad when it comes to the 3rd unwound (G) string.
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