Hey, I wrote these lyrics to go to a metal song I've been writing. It's not finished, in fact I'm writing it now, but I wanted to see what you guys think before I continue. The parts in Italic are being screamed, while the regular font is singing. Enjoy.

He believed in himself,
Or so we're told,
While we slept in our beds at night,
(He just slept cold)

Its a sacrifice we all should make,
Or is that something said for our own sake?
Well it's done.

[Verse 1]
Go! Feel the rush, impending danger
Save yourself just to see your friends die
Who's the one who made this happen?
Put him here where he belongs, not me.

Who said that this was not a problem?
Giving lives for others liberty?
Even though I love my country,
Foremost in my thoughts are family.

There will be much more, and I will probably post the rest when it is finished. THanks!!