Hi guys, i recently made a power supply to power all my pedals, im going to test it with my boss ds-1, but i noticed that it said use batteries or Boss PSU only. Can i use my pedal with it, or are there specific reasons why they say Boss PSU only?

Also, whats the difference between the polarity symbols? http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~q/electronics/polarity.png , is it just that one is negative earth and the others positive earth, or is it to do with the way the leads/plugs are wired?

Thanks, Carl
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You can use any power supply that are sold in stores etc. I dont know about you or your psu but I wouldn't recommend it if you really dont know what you're doing.

The reason for boss saying "BOSS PSU ONLY" is because that they wanna make money. You can still use any other psu but I would only use a manufactured one because they are professionell(sp?) built and therefor also has protection against overload etc.

Use a bought one I say.
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Most pedals will run off 9v center pin negative (including boss pedals) the picture you have linked there is illustrating center pin positive which simply means the center pin is positive but to power pedals you want that picture to be opposite (center pin negative)
Using a standard wall-wart isn't a good idea because they aren't regulated and they have only minimal filtering. In other words, they hum like a bitch and since they aren't regulated, a 9v wall-wart actually puts out about 12 or 13 volts unloaded.

You can use them, but they suck.

Boss's power supplies are made for their pedals. They are regulated and don't hum. It's not that they wanna make more money, it's that a power supply is suggested for use on pedals is because it's MADE for pedals.

Higher-end supplies usually have some sort of overload protection and almost all pedals have some sort of inbuilt polarity protection as a standard feature.

If you see a polarity symbol like this:

It means negative-center, or negative-ground. Almost all modern pedals use this type of grounding scheme.

If you see a polarity symbol like this:

It means positive-center, or positive-ground. Fuzz Faces use this type of grounding scheme.