Hey, I've been playing these kind of songs heaps lately so that's kinda what I'm into and I really want to get a tube amp! I'm saving up for one but I don't know what one so any suggestions would be great! I also like to crank up the gain sometimes and play some other stuff but not metal!

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing and Hey Joe
AC/DC - Back In Black and You Shook Me All Night Long
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Scuttle Buttin
Guns And Roses - Knockin On Heaven's Door
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode, super easy song but I just love it especially the BACK TO THE FUTURE VERSION!
U2 - idk what songs
Led Zeppelin
and sometimes I play Racer X - Technical Difficulties

they're just the main bands I like to play and my favorite songs by them that I can play!

I want one that is loud enough to play in a band! and I don't have to much money I'm only 15 so I'm not an adult yet but I don't want to buy something to cheap that I only sell later to get something better I'd rather get the best I can now
orange tiny terror halfstack/combo

if you look around you can easily find deals for under £500/$1000

dont know how that compares to your budget, but its worth every penny

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i would say:

marshall (something from the jcm-series. maybe a dsl)
laney (for example gh 100. quite cheap but great tone).
Maybe a blackheart. Great little amps, and as you start noticing things you don't like, start customizing it.
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peavey classic 30 or 50, great value when you go used
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most of those bands/artists use marshall amps of some sort. except SRV used a lot of fenders, the edge uses AC30s if i remember correctly, and i dunno bout chuck berry.

so i would probably go with a marshall style amp, or at least a brittish style amp if i were you. traynor and orange both make marshally amps that are higher quality than current production marshalls. blackheart also has a marshally sound to thier amps. i dont know your budget and those range from fairly cheap (BH) to expensive (orange) so youve got a range to choose from.
Quote by RunWithTheDevil
whats a good valve amp for about $500-700 australian

You may be able to find a used classic 30, delta blues, or Crate VC3112 for that down under. They go for around 1000 new if I remember correctly.(speaking of the Classic 30) A crate V33-212 is a relatively inexpensive amp in most parts of the world, and has the features most desire. (effects loop, 2 channels, reverb) The Blackheart 15 watt'r is worth a look as well as the new Epi Valve Senior 18 watt (if it ever makes the stores - it's a new release) would be worth looking into as well. I would rec a Bad Monkey overdrive with the Epi or the Blackheart.
Traynor YCS50 combo. It's better than any Marshall, Fender, Crate, Vox, Peavy or anything else in the price range and better than many amps two or three times it's price. It will excel at all the music you listed.
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