So im in the process of making a nice talk box, not a ghetto one. Can someone get me a wiring diagram on one, just something standard. Thanks
come on guys someone has to know, cuz I dont. That doesnt say a whole lot but, a little help please.
I really don't know anything about talkboxes, let a lone talkbox wiring/schematics, but a google search comes up with a few schematics. again, I really dunno whats a good talk box to base your build off of, but maybe that'll help a bit..
ok so the diargam Im using says Non-Polarized Electrolytic 15uF 50v.

What the heck is it. cuz ive built everything else but dont have that in there and it no worky...
It's just an electrolytic capacitor, but it's not polarized like most electrolytics are.
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isn't a talkbox just s signal router to the horn driver in the chassis?
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