I heard about them for the first time a minute ago, then I read they are playing gigs since the late 1970s and I also read they supported themselves and did stage shows like "farting on demand" etc.


I bet at least Brian knows them.
Isn't this the band that did the song 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps Please'? I'm sure I have one of their tunes on a compilation somewhere....
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!
It's amusing enough...just not great. Kinda tune that makes you laugh first couple of times then gets a bit boring. Can't find that compilation though sure the song on it was pretty good as well.
Super Leeds and Classy Cas!
these guys are pretty cool, seen em live last december. they're also playing rebellion fest in blackpool this summer suposidly.
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