Hey guys, my new Squier Strat arrived today and I just have a couple of questions about it: First of all, if I were to replace the bridge pickup with one of those humbuckers in a single coil housing, would it completely remove the whole strat sound (like say, if I had the pickup selector between the middle and bridge pickups) and in relation, are those single-hum-bucker-coils any good?

Second question is about the vibrato bar (loving it, Shadows here I come): Any general do's and don'ts with that? E.g. don't lift guitar up by it .

it would sound different to a strats bridge pickup. doesn't mean it'll be like a completely different guitar. i always thought the most distinctive sound on a strat was the neck pup anyway.

vibrato bar - dont overuse it on a squier - it'll make the guitar go out of tune easily if you do. and altho some people pick their guitar up with the trem - i wouldn't. if you dive bomb (push the trem too far towards the body) it'll probably go out of tune quite quickly too. so i wouldn't do that either.

things you should do - learn to use it, when you bend a string with your fingers you bend to a note. why people dont do this on trems i dont know.

also - when you change your strings scrape some graphite from a pencil into the slots in the nut. it should help with tuning.

have fun!
i have one of those and to be frank i think replacing the pickup would be a waste of time

just wait and get a guitar with real humbuckers or just use both the middle and bridge pickups at once

i got a jackson sl3 and it has those hotrails and they really aren't that great
get something with humbucker in bridge and then single coils
im thinking of replacing the hot rail in the middle for a vintage strat or some other single coil cuz it's like the humbucker in the bridge but worse and i can't get that nice crstal clean sound out of it

in my experience the vibrato bar sucked cuz it always threw the guitar out of tune
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led, ^ what amp are you using the HR thru? you wont notice a difference through the fender 15w.

Jammy, if you want a really hot single then stacked single sized humbuckers are fine.
i like dimarzio series better than seymour duncan railed pups.

if you want a humbucker sound then you also need to look under the guard make sure there's room for a full sized humbucker, (there usually is) then put in the humbucker.
the only added expense would be $20 for an HSS guard.

you need a tiny allen wrench to adjust the saddles when you want to adjust the string height.
keep the bridge flush against the body by adjusting the strings in the back trem cavity.
keep string contact points lubed with light machine oil.
swap one string at a time when changing strings. keep similar gauge.

and make sure your amp is good before upgrading pickups.

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