I have a POD version 2.0 and i have cables to put into the computer, but how could i record with professional sounds? Any program suggestion? Please post!

Thank you,
I use a Line 6 Toneport UX2 and record with Adobe Audition and it sounds like I was in a studio.
so its not possible to connect my pod into the computer and use any sort of audio recorder?
You should be able to connect it to your computer. But you will need some kind of recording software to record into. You may have problems with the setup, but you can always go to the Line 6 website to get help. The have PDF Manuals with information about how to get your computer and the POD to talk to each other.
Not unless your current sound card is shot and you are getting absolutely no sound. The POD should connect to your computer using a USB Cable and not your sound card.
No no no, PoD doesnt have a usb anyhow, well not the 2.0.

You have two ways i can think of.

One, Guitar goes into POD, The "out-jack" on the Pod then goes into your PCs Line In (Via a mini-jack)
Two. Same as above, except put it through an external soundcard like a erm, Toneport.
so you mean i can just put a cable between my sound card and the left output on the pod? but i will need a program to record and hear myself live if you get what i mean ^^ thanks
Uhh okay. audacity. That will let you record and such, and its free.

And yeah. As for hearing yourself, you could either plug the other output into a speaker, or the headphone out of the pod into a speaker, or just plug headphones into the POD headphone port.
i will try it, but what if i want to play with music? i mean, i want to record myself playing a song and then showoff on youtube and such.

I just have one adapter for phones or output, so what should i do?

well, get another adapter xd? lol thatsall i can suggest? i mean, just use headphoens with the pod so you can hear what your playing, and leave speakers pluged into pc.