Im thinking about getting an explorer of some sort.

So far the two i am looking at are...

an Esp Ex-400

and the Epiphone Goth 1958 Explorer

so who knows anything about these guitars and which one would you get

btw if i get the epiphone than i will definately put emgs in it.

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I'd personally go for the spalted maple EX, if you're after EMGs and one of those guitars go for the ESP. Putting EMGs into the Epi will involve routing and other such faffing on.
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Definitely the ESP. Set neck, EMG's are nice as well. the 60 in my opinion sounds the best.
The bridge im not a big fan of, im a floyd rose guy myself, so you can always put in an original if you have the money, or licensed if you just want something bendy and sound pitchy changie.
sound wise id go the ESP, my friend has one and its very nice.. but i like the look of the Epi alot more, the curves just do it for me... reminds me of dave grohl even though i think he used a firebird
Does Guitar Center carry ESP yet?

How do you guys think this would sound through a Line 6 Spider ll?
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i would go for the LDT... i think all Epiphone's and Gibsons are overrated and ain't worth the money, u can always find a cheaper and better guitar
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definatly the LTD i think it looks better (pointyness ftw) it also has the EMG's already in it.
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to be honest i hate the look of the LTD.. i like a lot more the epiphione but quality wise i would probably go with the LTD
I'm not a fan of the Explorer shapes, nor the Gothic series Epiphones. They sound alright, just they look really bad.

Anyways, if I HAD to choose, I'd say the LTD, based on specs.
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I actually like the look of the epi goth explorer better than the ESP

How much would it cost to get EMGs put in the Epiphone or what do I need to know in order to do it myself?
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