As stated in the title, my bridge suddenly lowered itself after inserting the whammy bar on a fender strat deluxe. The guitar is still in tune which makes no sense at all to me. (it might not have been in tune just prior to inserting the bar)

I know that the bridge has gotten closer to the body, because i used to be able to bend up and down with my trem-arm. Now i`m only able to bend down (lower pitch), and just barely up. To get the bridge at old position i have to bend the thick e-string up about 5 halfnotes at 12th bar.

Anyone knows how this could happen? It is as if i instantly changed to lower gauge strings...

I removed the whammy bar, but the bridge stays the same.

check the springs in the back cavity. You might need to take it to a guitar tech and get it set up.
Nothing to remark in the back cavity, i loosened the screws a bit, trying to get the bridge back to the old floating style, but i really don`t want to fool arond with these because it ruins the wood in the long run. (Why don`t they insert solid anchored metal tings, so that when adjusting you have metal against metal (no wear))

I gave it up, and put it back in the case. Perhaps i have to put on heavier strings.. It still puzzels me how it could happen just like that...