My GuitarPro is acting up.

I had just finished a bar in a tune I was creating, and it gives me an error message. I don't know WHAT it says, because it's in french. It refuses to play that bar, and the green highlighter, or whatever sticks and doesnt move with the music.

The message, says.
" Erreur de verefication d'entendue. "

So, if you understand it, please help me

It also says
" Violation d'access a l'adress 00008005. Lecture de l'address 00008005. "

So my french people!
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Stupid question, but: Have you tried restarting GuitarPro? Maybe restart the computer if that doesn't work.
I had similar problems starting out, but it stopped doing that after about a week.
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restart guitarpro, it should fix itself. I get that all the time. the worst error message is the one where you'll be in the middle of playback then you get millions upon millions of the same french message until the song is finished. That ruins my day.
yeah, it happens to me all the time and I got my version (newest I might add so it's not that) completely legally.

it has something to do with "working guitarpro too hard" I think from experience. It happenes a lot when I constantly play stuff back quickly. just save your work, exit guitarpro, and restart it. should be fine.
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I've tried the suggestions of saving, closing and restarting it.
But the same thing happened.

Then after I took the wah off the part, the problem went away.
So I guess my wah was just messed up. Which is weird because it's always worked fine up until now.

Thanks for the help!
I'm pretty sure that RSE is what causes the problem. I get this kind of thing all the time with RSE on, but turning it off fixes it completely. Usually I'll just write my songs in midi, then do all the RSE stuff when they're finished.