Short, just over 2 minutes... first thing I've written in a long while.

Doesnt Really have an Ending... Didn't quite know what to do there, I'll figure it out some day...

Theres alot of things in the song, though short... sweep picking, tapping, modulation, yeh its alot of fun to play
coolio neato cool.zip
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That was bloody awesome.
I really liked bar 49 and on.

There was only one problem
Everything was so dang loud!

But that was easily fixed.

Great stuff so far, it shows you know what you're doing. I say "so far" because, as you noted, it feels awfully short (take it as a compliment, it makes me want to hear more)

I wanted to complain that the rhythm section during the last guitar solo felt awfully weak, then I noticed the bass track was missing, so that may be the main reason.

The Synth/Guitar 'main theme' was great, it flowed pretty well with the locking rhythm underneath. In fact it was almost too good, in the respect that the next (rhythm only) riffs kinda let down afterwards. It's a pretty tough deal to make an instrumental interesting throughought its whole lengths, as you cannot 'cover up' weaker riffs with vocal melodies (so here's the tip, taken as a cue from many other 'professional' instrumentals: Just because you don't have vocal parts doesn't mean you can't have vocal melody parts - just play them on the guitar).
In fact, if you're not finished with the piece (and I hope you continue working on it), bring in more variation afterwards. Simply look at what you've already done, and look what other options are there to explore. So far you've got really tight locking rhythm riffs, so how about some more 'loose' sections, or longer-held chords ? How about clean sections ? Also there's much to you can do harmonically, like harmonisation (A setup with a lead synth and a lead guitar is a great opportunity for this), key changes or modal vamps. I feel I don't need to point this out, as the piece shows you've got the sufficient creative proficiency. If you want some inspiration (besides the obvious professional guitar instrumentals we all know and love), here are some great recent instrumental GP tabs by UG-people that were awesomely crafted and had a great handle on variations throughought (XxLloydxX "Escaping broken dreams" , and nbgreat "Shades of Green"
Wow! You should write for Children Of Bodom!

Seriously, record that. It's amazing.
Actually before recording, you should continue the song and not make it instrumental. I could already hear some "Yow Yow!"s over it!
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haha you like children of bodom....?

seriously though, ****ing awesome song. I would pay money for it.
Heheh yeah, CoB is one of my favorite bands, same for Trivium, Wintersun, Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen... among others... yeh..

Thanks for the compliments

Second poster... nah I'm not quite done with it, It's just a basic idea for the song, and I have decided that its NOT an instrumental, and haha i just forgot to put the bass part in that last section. As for the "dissapointing" rhythms there after the main melody, it will be livened up by vocals so no need to worry, however i'll work on it and try to make it just as interesting without vocals.
In terms of lead keyboard, I do plan on putting in a keyboard solo, however my keyboardist wants to write his own solo, so I'm waiting for him.

But, as I said before, thanks for the comments, and it's still in the works, so look out
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
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Man... wasn't expecting that to happen...
Has a CoB feel to it, really neet.
once the song's done, I definately want to hear the recording.
I'd pay you loads to see you guys play live haha. keep it up

Edit: One question though... How the f**K do you ppl creat and play stuff like that, I mean seriously. I've been playing guitar for a year now, can play a few solos etc and started lessons a few weeks ago, and I still can't play 1/8 of what you guys can. (or compose). where does it all come from?
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To answer the question above, the main melody is a G5maj2 chord, leading into an arpeggiated Gm chord. Downscaling in C major, leading into G minor. Alot of my other riffs are based on blues scales, with variations, and i often throw in dissonant things for flavor...

Solos, i usually base around blues minor, whatever key I'm in, and use different modes for the speedy runs, as i just dont like shredding in blues, i prefer that for the slower, melodic stuff...
Something I've come to realise is also that good music takes time, you can't force yourself to play what you want to play. I believe that the best happens through struggle. If you feel like youre getting nowhere, thats a form of struggle, and one day it will all just explode out of you.

Honestly the way we do it is we just learn music theory. I've only been playing like... 2 years and 5 months... I just play alot and learn alot of theory. It helps, I suggest it.

In terms of playing, I can play the whole thing, it's not that hard... and I do plan on recording it with vocals and a keyboard solo... I just need to finish it first :P
~~You are nothing. I am a God among men, creating the Universe before leaving you blinded and wandering.~~
Letters to Zaya
The main lead melody far surpasses anything else in the song, not to say theres anything wrong with the rest. That riff is just so good.