I know these two are pretty different, one being digital and the other analog, but which one would you recommend for playing with a distorted amp?(solo basically)
and for the rest which would you recommend?
If you dont need all the modes on the dd7 like reverse delay and long delay time, get the carbon copy.y
i like the sound of analog delays, but then again all im looking for is just a straight delay to add depth. if you want tap tempo or anything go with the digital stuff. so simplicity and warmth = analog. added features and a super exact delay = digital.

if you want analog, also look into the ibanez ad-9. i love mine and wouldnt take a cc for it anyday.
I agree the CC is probably a more orgainic sounding delay, but the DD7 is a versatile monster, if you don't need a tap tempo and just wanting it to thicken up your leads analog may be the way to go.
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