Hi UG'ers

Looking For a fairly Experience Drummer in the Walsall Area, (Cannock, Lichfield,Burntwood etc) for a band my friend and I are starting, ages 16-19, 20 at a push

Blues (SRV, BB King, Clapton, Straits etc)
Rock (Bruce Springsteen, U2, ZZ Top)
Prog Rock (Pink Floyd, Rush)

Just a general all round drummer really, We've got a fair bit of experience between us, 3 years for me, 2 gigs, and 2 years for the bassist, and a fair few gigs under his belt. Dont worry, were not going to be a cover band, it's all about expression.

Occasional Covers Maybe but we won't be focusing on them, We just want to play Music we enjoy playing and listening to essentially, Myself and My friend are a bit fed up of being held back in our previous and current bands, so this is going to be something we'd be really set to do...

get in touch

I'm based in Brownhills, Richard, the Bassist is Based in Rushall

Our main place of rehearsal would be JJM in Walsall

If you're interested, email me on hammer_shot_tank@hotmail.co.uk

Or PM Me

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