is it possible to tune a electric guitar to sound like a bass?

because one of my band members wants to play bass but doesn't have one yet so could he tune his guitar to sound like a bass? (doesn't have to be perfect)
Why doesn't he just get a cheap bass? Or an octave pedal? You can't get a bass sound with a guitar, and trust me, I've tried. Many a time. With different guitars and amps.
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an electric guitar is tuned like a bass guitar, just a full octave lower. so basically unless you have a huge scale lenghth and really really heavy gauge strings its still going to be all loose and mudflappy.

or get a good octave pedal, like the POG
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+1 to an octave pedal.

a guitar tuned down an octave will have super loose strings and sound worse than even just a cheap bass.

So +1 to a cheap bass, too. That's a much better long-term option.
Then eventually save up for a better one
Just buy a cheap bass. it's not worth the trouble to tune and setup a guitar for E an octave down.

hmm, this reminds me of the Fender Bass VI and the Schecter Hellcat VI. I would like to try one of those some time...
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by a cheap bass or buy bass strings for the guitar but they will still be very loose when you tune down an octave just fork out 150 for a cheap bass