ok i know how to read tabs and understand them very well but when i look up a song i want to play and get the tab i know how it is i understand it but dosent make sense when i play it it looks very easy i play it have no idea what um doing maybe its cause um playin it slow or somthing i dont know....um a begginer i have been playin guitar fot 2 months now i think,i know songs but there extremly easy but somehow this one doesnt make sense to me........i know u got to go fast but dont really know how practice it

i used to make out with medusa by Bring me the horizon

0:00 - 0:28
* * * * * * * *

* * * *
start playing VERY slow.


I dunno how the song actually goes, but i'm guessing it's fairly quick..
don't try to even go near the speed of the actual song yet. play it slow enough that you get every single note right, WHILE STAYING ON TEMPO.

What I mean by that, is don't play the open notes together quickly, then go slow and out of time for the other picking parts.
Find out what part you go the slowest at. Now play the whole riff at that speed, and slowly speed up. don't speed up until you get it perfect at the slow speed a few times. then when you speded up, don't speed up much.

One thing most beginners do is try to get a riff at full speed the first time they try it. Don't be like that.

I hope that helps you out a bit.
I'm not sure how you are having trouble with this. What specifically is bothering you? If it is the timing then you will just have to listen to the song and figure out how fast to play it. That's part of the reason tabs aren't as good as sheet music, because they often don't tell you tempo, how long each note lasts, and when the rests are.

Also it looks like it might be in drop D tuning. You might wanna try lowering your low E two steps to D.
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