hey guys
i really love the shape and style of the les pauls,
iv been playing Gibson Les Paul BFG's whenever im in a guitar store,
but before i found them i had a love for the ESP EC1000 Deluxe guitars.
These are basicly the same shape as a les paul but they have 24 (YES 24 !!!) frets and EMG pickups.

Pro: Cmon guys, its a FxCKING GIBSON !!!
Pro: Great Sound and Playability
Pro: P-90 Neck Pick up, amazing for Metal/hard rock style of music, zebra humbucker bridge pick up, really good for clean tone and rock n roll

Con: 22 frets
Con: No binding
Con: heavy, but not as heavy as a Les Paul Standard or Supreme
Con: Quite dear, the lowest iv seen is in the £700's

Pro: ESP, famous for great quality, cmon, bands like METALLICA PLAY 'EM !!!
Pro: 24 Frets
Pro: Great sound (cant say anyting bout playability as im yet to try one)
Pro: EMG Humbuckers !
Pro: Cheaper than a Gibson

i dont really have any cons for the ESP, i will play it one day soon then update this thread.

Any help is help to me

basicly standing watching my friend shred on it at a guitar store, damn hippie wouldnt let me play it
Gibsons IMO are too heavy. I can't recall if I've played a BFG. Either way, if you are looking at the EC-1000, I'm guessing your price range is under $1000. IMO, if you are going to go Gibson, you gotta get the best ones. The lesser models aren't quite there and Gibson is selling them because the Brand.

If you have over $1000, try the ESP Eclipse II. Much better than the EC-1000 (i know from experience). I own an ESP, and nothing could ever replace it to me. Definitely try it out before you buy. I think you will be pleased.
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Pro: P-90 Neck Pick up, amazing for Metal/hard rock style of music, zebra humbucker bridge pick up, really good for clean tone and rock n roll

Surely the other way round no?
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^oh jesus christ . just because it has the same brand name and a remotely same name doesnt make it at all the same. its like saying a cat is like a human because its a mammal.
Theres been so many threads about the EC-1000 lately! Im probably gonna be buying one arond Christmas
Thats not an ESP mate.

Btw, yes the bfg is a gibson, and its also a piece of sh*t. The P90 is everything but ideal for metal, and the humbucker is made to rock. So its just the other way around.
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i ain't a fan of the les paul shapes, but ive played the LTD EC1000 and i quite liked it so i would say go for the EC1000

but at the end of the day, its down to you so go what feels best to you
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Why not get an Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy EX I think it is. It's a licenced Les Paul, 24 frets, and EMG pickups.

Or the GX, with Dirty Fingers, which can go heavy, but can do cleans better than the EMGs, in my opinion, of course, I know someone will complain.

But then again, people complain about them because they like 'Guitar Hero' controllers (I don't know why, it felt alright when I played it), and that there's rubbish fret access; but it just takes practise to get up there, because I find it easy now.
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depends what u play man, if u play metal, ESP is the way to go, i mean i have an ESP AX-400, but if u play no metal, get the gibson
1. Check the thread they already have on this.
2. It's an LTD, not an ESP.
3. You could get a deal on the BFG, it's one of the recent models discontinued by Gibson.