Hey, so in a local pawn shop they're selling a Fender Roc Pro 700 fo $180 (CDN).

I was able to try out the amp (not to it's fullest extent as it's quite loud and didn't want to disturb others in the shop) and it sounded pretty good. The cleans were nice, and the gain channel is pretty good aswell... Loud as **** too (75 watts I believe).

I was wondering if anyone had any experience or more info on the amp.

The amp looks very old but is in good condition, the knobs crackle when you turn them, but that's about it.... It's also got a line out so I'm not too loud.

Is $180 a good deal for this amp? It's certainly an improvement from my Vox AD30VT (which I like, but there's no definitive sound to it)...
I believe someone made a thread about one of these 2 months or so ago saying that Mikael Akerfeldt used them at some point of his career. thats all I know about em though.
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